About Us

Dear distinguished guests of Emperor Cruises

Happiness is a journey not a destination. I am delighted to introduce the artist Pham Luc to you, and I am privileged to call him my friend. To understand and feel art is something special and a memorable experience. 

His works have been influenced by the French as I have been immersed in the French culture and civilization. I feel Pham Luc’s works of art touching my heart, and the broad simplicity and colorful strokes of his art have become part of the fabric of Vietnam’s timeless beauty, struggle and joy in life.

I have known him and his daughter for years, visited his home and studio and often discussed art with him over a tea. I am awed by his life, heart and talent and enjoy his sense of humor. Because of my affection for him and my admiration for his work, I have dedicated our Emperor Cruises boats, in both Ha Long Bay and Nha Trang Bay, almost exclusively to his art as the first art boats in Vietnam.

Perfectly matched and related to the inspired story of Emperor Bao Dai, the last Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam and his lavish lifestyle in the 1930s, Pham Luc’s art reflects where East meets West.

His work covers most genres of painting in the classical European painting tradition: townscape, landscape, seascape, still life, figurative composition, intimate nudes and self-portraits. The works are done in a variety of classical media: oil on canvas, oil on paper, and the artist’s trademark, oil on rice sacks, gouache and water colour, as well as the traditional Vietnamese lacquer technique.

These paintings are marked by artistic mastery — one can easily follow the flow of the drawing, as well as the flow of a great talent’s brush stroke. My collection is modest and nothing to compare to other collectors, but I am proud of showing the works of art of a Vietnamese master to the world.

Each of his pieces is unique, full of love, hope and meaning, telling stories with his distinctive style. His art helps viewers to easily understand Vietnamese culture through his visual language, his artistic expression, so you truly appreciate the aesthetic value of his work.

Built with passion, Emperor Cruises is proudly affiliated with the master Pham Luc as travel, cruising, food, wine, hospitality, music and art represent our rich Vietnamese history, culture, nature, heritage and cuisine which all create memories for the most sophisticated travelers. Discover our Emperor Cruises and Vietnamese fine arts on board and create your own memories!


Pham Ha

Co-founder of Emperor Cruises