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Painting is like exercising for painter Pham Luc. If he doesn’t paint something one day he feels slightly ill, which perhaps explains his prolific output and reputation as Vietnam’s Van Gogh. 

Born in 1943, Luc has been around paint brushes for some 70 years. From the age of three he tried to turn things into paint brushes. It could be a piece of brick or charcoal, a tree branch, or a stone, and everywhere was his canvas. Many times he was scolded by his neighbours, whose house walls he used to express himself. Luckily he later found a wide sand bank by the riverside near his home where he could freely brainstorm for his brush.  

Sea of Love Art Exhibition by Pham Luc


Soldier and Painter Pham Luc to Show “Sea of Love” in Nha Trang

The exhibition, entitled ‘Sea of Love’, by artist Pham Luc, opens on Sat 14 Oct 2016 at the Sunrise Hotel Nha Trang, These paintings are marked by artistic virtuoso mastery and he has often been referred to as the Picasso of Vietnam.

Seventy-four paintings made of oil on canvas, silk and lacquer will be on display at the show in Nha Trang for the first time. He fell in love with Nha Trang and is eager to come back to the city to share his creations with art lovers.

Ilza Burchett – About The Art of Painter Pham Luc


Currently on show at Vietnam Fine Arts Museum is an exhibition of seventy oil and lacquer paintings from the private collection of Dr. Nguyen Si Dung.

Titled “Bridging Two Centuries”, this exhibition is a tribute and a celebration of the life and art of painter Pham Luc (b.1943), an “artist-fighter… whose soldier baggage consisted of the field sack and an easel permanently along his side.” [1] on the occasion of his 70th Birthday Anniversary.

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