His style

Pham Luc’s style is instantly recognizable but hard to imitate.

"I do not paint in abstract. I paint the vibrations of my heart, the life of the people around me... I find serenity in working. My paintings are confessions." It is in these terms that the painter describes his style which is full of French influences. In his art Pham Luc exalts the simplicity of rural beauty through the sweetness of women, children or nature.

Pham Luc is influenced by four of the most famous and successful painters in Vietnam since 1945 - Nghiem, Lien, Sang and Phai who all graduated from L’Ecole des Beaux Arts de l’Indochine. These four artists diverged on totally different paths. Nghiem in a world of convention, Lien softness and femininity, Sang was strength, and Phai realism.